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Dinosaur, Genetic Modification, Sci-fi…What are yo

Dinosaur, Genetic Modification, Sci-fi…What are yo

Mar Dinosaur is directed by Kerr Xu, is the 9th film and the first CG movie with true people of Hippo.




The film is about the brotherhood of a big conspiracy. In 2030, the cancer outbreak, the earth is in a state of extreme panic. Three young guy with terrible cancer, lucky to be selected to Mars plan, which is aimed to treat cancer, turns out to fall into the trap of the conspirators. The brothers become enemies, and a thrilling journey to outer space begins.





As for the content, combining Mars and gene transformation science fiction factors, this film is a breakthrough of Hippo as well as the whole domestic animation industry.

And for technical aspect, Mars dinosaurs is a perfect movie. With CG visual effect, the ancient and mysterious dinosaur, which is also known as the super-powerful monster, can walk in street of modern city. There is no doubt that the movie is a hippo's fixation of Sci-fi movie, as well as a gift to the audience.


Concept of Mars Dinosaur


Concept of Mars Dinosaur


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